Back at the Lane: Should Spurs really be worried about not signing anyone?

Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur - Spurs

Every year during summer, the European club football season ends. Everyone gets some time to cut off from their daily life to relax. But some certain personalities can’t afford that luxury. Coaches, club hierarchies always have to stay alert to bolster their squad when the transfer window opens. And every summer, every club signs at least one to multiple players. But that’s certainly not the case for Tottenham Hotspur.

This year, Mauricio Pochettino’s side have become the first team to not sign a single player during the transfer window for the first time since 2003, when it was introduced. But is it really a huge loss for Spurs?

If you’re a big fan of clubs splurging out cashes during the window, then you’d definitely say that this indeed is a loss. That would definitely be the point had Spurs their undisputed starters. But that is not the case at all. Pochettino with his philosophy and vision has earned the trust of the squad. So much so that despite massive interests from the European big shots, Spurs’ players have stayed put. There were some serious interest from Real Madrid for none other than Harry Kane. And given the pedigree of ‘Los Blancos’, one would’ve been definitely tempted to join them. But Kane didn’t. Instead, he stayed put at his boyhood club and signed a 6-year extension. Take Dele Alli, for example, there were various reports that Barcelona were chasing him. But with the English season already started, he’s still donning the white of his beloved White Hart Lane.

And it’s not just about the main men. Belgian centre back Toby Alderweireld wanted to leave Spurs for quite some time now. The likes of Manchester United, Inter Milan were in the running for him. Unlike Kane and Alli, he indeed wanted to go for a new challenge. But credit has to be given to Chairman Daniel Levy and gaffer Mauricio Pochettino. They made sure that the player is still on their side when the season starts. And they have done so.

New signings sound very intriguing. But they include the ‘baggage’ of having to be incorporated into the system effectively. Those who can’t get accustomed to, end up being a failure in their new club. Players like Kaka in Real Madrid, Ibrahimovic in Barcelona are prime examples of not every signing is going to end up being effective. Spurs’ biggest strength for this season is their squad doesn’t need any chopping and changing for certain players. Pochettino can plan for the season almost exactly as he did for the last one.

Moreover, another strength of Spus for the upcoming season is their return to their actual home, The White Hart Lane. For the reconstruction of the Lane, Spurs had to play all of their home games at Wembley. Very naturally, it was quite tricky for Pochettino’s men to adjust to their ‘second home’ if you may. But Spurs are back where they truly belong. Amongst their fans, the atmosphere would be the one where they;d get the most affection anywhere in the world. Spurs would be hoping history repeats itself of their last league campaign at the Lane where they finished 2nd.

Despite all the trolls, banters and criticisms; Boss Mauricio Pochettino thinks the club’s decision to not sign anyone is Brave. He also added that the new stadium cost around 1 billion pounds and it wasn’t helped by Brexit since the cost increased by 30%. Pochettino said, “What the club is doing is showing it is so brave. Building a new training ground, finishing this summer the (player’s) lodge was a massive investment. Building a stadium that is nearly £1bn. Then with Brexit it’s worse because the cost is 30 percent more. That is a drama, I feel sorry for the English people. For me [that] is to be brave. Of course maybe in the mind of everyone they will say, ‘Oh Tottenham didn’t sign’, but to sign for the sake of signing?”.

Despite the lack of signings, Pochettino believes in the quality of the players and has full faith in his system. And in all fairness, why wouldn’t he? With more or less this same side, Spurs were runners up just two years ago. Pochettino and his system is here for the long haul. He’s building up something exciting for the present and the future. While it may not offer the prized silverware yet, there’s a sense of building from the scratch at Tottenham. Building a squad that can go shoulder to shoulder with the other big boys. With everyone staying put, and Pochettino’s system in full flow; Spurs shouldn’t sweat over the lack of signings. If anything, they should be one of the teams to watch given they’re back at the Lane and have everything in place to build up something that’ll be written in gold in the Spurs folklore.