Will Maurizio Sarri be a success at Chelsea FC?

News have been circulating that Napoli boss Maurizio Sarri is bound to move to London club to Chelsea.

This is not a surprise as Chelsea has been linked with several Italian managers in its recent history.

As a matter of fact, the West London club’s current manager, Antonio Conte, is an Italian.

And now that Sarri is being touted as the next Chelsea manager, it could bode well for the club.

Maurizio’s tenure with Napoli has been a notable one bringing the Southern Italian club on the brink of winning the Serie A title only to come up short in the end against Juventus.

In his 147 matches as Napoli manager, he won 97 of those, while drawing 25 and losing 25 for an almost 66% winning percentage.

If Sarri will proceed and be confirmed as the next boss of the the West London club, expect a fairly positive run of results as Chelsea had mainly good runs overall in seasons when they were under Italian managers.

Just to prove this point, here are how Chelsea’s Italian managers in the past fared.

1. Gianluca Vialli (1998-2000)

No. of matches as manager: 143
Wins: 143 Draw: 76 Loss: 39
Win pct: 53%
Honours: FA Cup (1999-2000)
League Cup: (1997-98)
FA Charity Shield: 2000
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1997-98
UEFA Super Cup: 1998

Started as a player manager, eventually focusing on just managing the club from 1999-2000, his tenure has been one of the most successful in the club’s history particularly in the European campaign winning only their second UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup honour in 1997-98 and their first UEFA Super Cup in 1998.

2. Claudio Ranieri (2000-2004)


No. of matches as manager: 199
Wins: 107 Draw: 46 Loss: 46
Win pct: 54%
Honours: None
Notable achievements: FA Cup Finalists (2002), Premier League Runners-up (2003-04), Champions League semifinals (2003-2004)

Despite the fact that his tenure ended in a barren spell, and being criticised with his constant player rotation that earned him the “Tinkerman” nickname, Ranieri was responsible for signing midfielder Frank Lampard and developing defender John Terry who eventually became legends during the most productive years in the history of the club.

3. Carlo Ancelotti (2009-2011)

No. of matches as manager: 109
Wins: 67 Draw: 20 Loss: 22
Win pct.: 61%
Honours: Premier League (2009-10), FA Cup (2009-10), FA Community Shield (2009)

Despite managing the club in only two seasons, Ancelotti will be best remembered in his first season when he helped Chelsea win the Premier League and FA Cup double in 2009-2010.

4. Roberto Di Matteo (2012)

No. of matches as manager: 42
Wins: 24 Draw: 9 Loss: 9
Win pct.: 57%
Honours: FA Cup (2011-12), UEFA Champions League (2011-2012)

A former Chelsea player his short tenure as the club’s manager began as a midseason replacement after Andre Villas-Boas’ sacking.

Di Matteo will be remembered for winning Chelsea’s first and only UEFA Champions League trophy in addition to the FA Cup.

A doomed start to the next season eventually led to him facing the sack.

5. Antonio Conte (2016-present)

No. of matches as manager: 106
Wins: 69 Draw: 17 Loss: 20
Win pct.: 65%
Honours: Premier League (2016-17), FA Cup (2017-2018)

The manager with the highest winning percentage in comparison to the rest of the Italian contingent, Conte will be remembered most for his first season when he led Chelsea to a dominant run to the 2016-17 Premier League trophy.

His next season’s league campaign (2017-18) ended in disappointment but he managed to lead his wards in winning eighth FA Cup in the same season.


Based on how Italian managers of the past (and present) fared as managers of Chelsea Football Club, it seems Maurizio Sarri could end up as a successful manager. His appointment (if it proceeds), is something to look forward to and be optimistic about.