Mourinho backs Carrick as future assistant manager

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he may consider Michael Carrick as a future candidate to be his assistant manager.

Mourinho is set to part ways with current assistant Rui Faria after the FA Cup final against Chelsea. The pair has been working together for over 17 years but Faria has now decided to move on.

The United boss has stated that he won’t replace Faria with a new assistant manager straight away but added that he would consider Carrick, once he is qualified to do the job.

“I think it will be Michael Carrick in the future when he has his badges, his pro licence when he makes the bridge between a player to an assistant,” said Mourinho, according to Sky Sports.

“People think it’s just like one day I’m a player and the next day I’m a coach, but it’s not like that.

“I have nobody in the world of football ready to be my assistant manager, so I prefer to educate people and to structure my staff in a way where there is education and improvement.

“And when Michael has the pro licence badges, normally with the personality, friendship and honesty he has, I think it will be for him.

“But I’m going to improve my staff in the performance level and, in relation to the tactical work, I’m going to bring some people that, until this moment, have not come with me yet.”