Guardiola will play golf during Man Utd game

Pep Guardiola insists he will play golf, rather than watch Manchester United’s potentially decisive Old Trafford encounter against West Brom on Sunday.

Manchester City’s 3-1 win against Spurs on Saturday has left Guardiola’s men needing just one more victory to seal the Premier League title.

However, if United lose against basement boys West Brom, then the title race would also be concluded.

Guardiola doesn’t expect United to slip up though and will play golf with his son, rather than being glued glued to the television screen.

“The only score I want to know is bogey or birdie,” said Guardiola.

“I think United will win. We depend on us.

“Will I hear the scores? Bogey, double-bogey, birdie.

“The important thing is to have the chance to win at home. I am delighted to have the chance to win in front of our people.”