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You may have heard of Spurs finally winning at Stamford Bridge for the first time ever since Margaret Thatcher was prime minister.

While Spurs have looked at Arsenal as their bigger London rivals, they haven’t probably noticed that it has been 28 years since they have won at West London. Dele Alli, the star of that famous breakthrough win, wasn’t even born when Tottenham defeated the Blues away.

Have you ever wondered if there are any similar records of futility at a specific ground? Guess what, you’re in luck. Here are five of them.

Arsenal at Old Trafford

Spurs’ north London rivals may not have noticed that it has been 12 years since they last won at Manchester United’s hallowed ground in league play. The Gunners actually won in 2015 at an FA Cup quarter-final tie against the Red Devils, but if you could league play and even the UEFA Champions League, Arsenal last won in September 2006, when Emmanuel Abedayor scored the only goal, with Ferguson being frustrated from Cristiano Ronaldo’s missed chances.

During this past twelve years, Arsenal were notably beaten 8-2 in August 2011, with Wayne Rooney scoring a hat-trick. United fans can take solace though since when they were last defeated by the Gunners at Old Trafford, they won the Premiership.

Manchester City at Anfield

Manchester City has had a pretty rapid rise during the past several seasons, but they still haven’t defeated Liverpool at Anfield since 2002, when Nikolas Anelka scored a brace, including a match-winning penalty, after Milan Baros drew first blood for the Reds. City would have been most rueful of a March 2016 0-3 loss that denied them of a title.

Another big loss at Anfield during this losing streak is a 0-3 loss in 2011 that almost put their European hopes in jeopardy; they would eventually qualify for the next season’s Champions League, though.

Everton at Anfield

We all know by now that Liverpool’s home ground is an impenetrable fortress, but for a key fixture such as Merseyside derby, you may have thought that Everton may have stolen a match or two in the 21st century. They haven’t, and their last victory at Anfield was in September 1999. Steven Gerrard was a wee young boy playing for Liverpool and was sent off in this match after a bad foul against Kevin Campbell. Since then, Liverpool have won the Champions League and were welcomed home by their mayor, a staunch Everton supporter.

During this losing run, the Toffees have had two 0-4 defeats, the later of which included an almost hat-trick for Daniel Sturridge, just that he missed a penalty.

West Ham at Stamford Bridge

It turns out that it’s not only Tottenham is a London club that’s having an issue winning at Stamford Bridge. Even West Ham can’t figure out how to win in West London, with their last win coming in September 2002, where they squeaked by a 3-2 scoreline. The Hammers were threatened with relegation by this time, temporarily had a breather, but were ultimately relegated anyway at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Chelsea, then being led by Claudio Ranieri, barged into the Champions League for the first time after a three-year drought from Europe’s top competition, a streak that ended in 2016, when Ranieri’s Leicester City had an improbable championship run.

Newcastle United at the Etihad

The Magpies, when Sunderland isn’t with them on the league they’re in, are always the farthest team from the rest of the teams geographically, and this can be a formidable home ground advantage, but it can only be the reverse when they have to go on the road. This is apparent on their current losing streak against the Citizens in the Etihad, where they haven’t won yet in league competition.

In fact, the last time that they won against Manchester City is in September 2000 off an unmarked Alan Shearer goal, who was probably offside, at Maine Road. City would eventually leave the Wembley of the North three years later to their City of Manchester Stadium, where they are undefeated against Newcastle United. Notable losses at this time include a 1-6 shellacking, and a 5-0 wipeout, both in 2015.