Wenger: I’m a victim of ‘age discrimination’

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claims the increased pressure he has experienced in recent years is due to a prejudice against older managers.

A significant section of Gunners supporters have continued to call for the 68-year-old to step down after what they perceived to be sub-standard results in the Premier League.

However, Wenger is adamant that he is not being judged fairly and is instead a victim of age discrimination.

“You focus on doing well for your club and ignore all the rest,” he told BeIN Sport. “Overall the older you get the more it becomes a little bit age discrimination.

“I can accept that if the results are not good enough… but overall that perpetual thing of a link with how long you’ve been at the club, how old you are, I find that a bit difficult to take.”

Some pundits have raised the concern that Wenger may also be doing permanent harm to his Arsenal legacy by hanging on to his job instead of aiming for a dignified exit, but the Frenchman disagrees.

“I am naive enough to believe that with the time going on, the perspective, the emotional context going, it will stand out what I’ve done for my club, not so much the last result or the last game I won or how much I’ve been applauded,” Wenger added.

“I’m a little bit fed up with all that modern thing of completely taking care of your image. I’ve always worked my whole life with the idea it’s more important who you are than how you look.”