Mayweather to purchase Newcastle?

Floyd Mayweather recently revealed that him purchasing Newcastle United is not outside the realm of possibility, including signing megastar Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to a report in the Daily Star Sunday, the retired boxer, known for his tactical success in the ring and in business ventures alike, is interested in the Premier League club.

“I love Newcastle…those guys like to party as hard as any city I have been to anywhere in the world," quipped the undefeated boxer.
"I met some of the players last year – and they are good guys. I am always open to new business opportunities and I love all sports, but I invest with my head not my heart.

“Investing with your heart is the quickest way to lose money. But if somebody put together a business plan and my people looking over it and went ‘Floyd that can make money’ then I would invest. Soccer might not be my game but I’ve got connections everywhere.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has been a long-time supporter and buddy of mine, so I might even be able to get him to finish his career off at Newcastle.”

While the club is for sale, there has been no official contact between Mayweather and the club. The former pound-for-pound king has been busy, twice coming out of retirement to fight and has recently applied for an MMA license with the view to fighting in the UFC

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