Bruce: I considered quitting

Bruce also conceded that it has been a "difficult season", especially since his side have only won six Premier League games and currently sit in 15th place on the points table. 

"There was a bit of me that thought 'Steve, you've had a wonderful three years here, do you keep the club up and then say thanks very much? But then I thought: 'I haven't finished yet',” he told Sky Sports. "I spoke to my wife and she asked if I needed a break. I've always said I wanted to go the Cricket World Cup, have a week at Cheltenham or go to the US Masters.

"But at the end of the day this is what I do. It becomes difficult but the day you stop enjoying it is the day when you say 'that's it', and I think I'll know that."

Bruce also revealed that he has invested his time and faith in Hull's academy, scouting department and training ground since he wants to see the club blossom following some tough times. 

"I have put something in place with the academy, the scouting and the training ground," he said. "I want to see it through to fruition and see if I can get it where I think it can be. If I can do that and play my part, then I will sail off into the sunset.

"But I won't go on as long as Sir Alex Ferguson!"