FA charge Pep for ‘yellow ribbon’ protest

The English Football Association has charged Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola for 'wearing a political message, specifically a yellow ribbon.' 

The FA issued a statement saying the ribbon worn by the Citizens boss on his match-day jacket in support of imprisoned Catalan politicians was against association rules regarding kit and advertising regulations. 

The Spaniard, who sees his side take on Arsenal in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday, has until Monday at 6pm to give his response to the charge.

The 47-year-old reportedly has strong Catalan ties having been been born in Santpedor in central Catalonia, as well as spending close to 20 years at Barcelona as both a player and a coach. 

Guardiola has been wearing the ribbon since at least November and is seemingly a strong advocate of independence from Spain by Catalonia.

Speaking in December about the situation, he said: "I do that because in Spain two specific people who defend something like the vote, something the people in command do not agree [with], are in prison. It's unfair. 

"To make a rebellion on something like that, you have to be something tough to be in prison. And they are still there. So, while they are not out, always here (points to ribbon) will be shared with me.

"Because, okay, they can suspend me for doing that, but the other people are in jail. If they want to suspend me, UEFA, Premier League, FIFA, it's okay."