Weekend EPL football predictions

Here are some of my predictions for the weekend's action.


Liverpool v Manchester United (Sunday)

Liverpool have to be favourites at home and also with them being in brilliant form in 2015 one has to expect them to win.

United's season has been hot and cold but they have been looking decent at times and the win against Tottenham on Sunday was a very good performance.

I do not think that Liverpool can afford to lose as then they will fall five points behind United, and that will be too many to catch up with so few games left to play this season.

In Sunday's game at Anfield you can't pick anything else than a Liverpool win.

PREDICTION: Liverpool will win 2-1


West Ham United v Sunderland (Saturday)

Sunderland have looked poor for awhile and look as though they have very little to stop themselves ending the season in the bottom three.

What does not help Sunderland's cause is that they have just fired and replaced their coach plus the 4-0 thumping at home last week against Aston Villa shows just how disjointed they are.

West Ham have looked decent at times this season and playing at home they will win easily.

PREDICTION: West Ham will win 2-0


Aston Villa v Swansea City (Saturday)

Villa played well thumping Sunderland 4-0 away from home last week. Villa are 16th on the table and do need a few more wins to avoid the danger of getting relegated so expect them to be tough to beat at home.

Swansea have looked good at times and are ninth on the table but recent losses to Liverpool and Spurs have made them look quite ordinary at times.

This will be a close one but Villa should get the points.

PREDICTION: Villa will win 2-1

Hull City v Chelsea (Sunday)

Chelsea have been good for so long and are top of the table by six points with a game in hand. There is no way they are going to throw the League away by losing to Hull.

Hull are 15th on the table but have looked quite ordinary this season, there is no way that Chelsea will lose this.

PREDICTION: Chelsea will win 2-0

Manchester City v West Bromwich Albion (Saturday)

If City lose this game they may as well forget about challenging Chelsea for the League title. They are six points off Chelsea on the table plus the Blues do have a game in hand.

West Brom will be competitive but it is very unlikely that they will upset City at home.

PREDICTION: City will win 3-1


Newcastle United v Arsenal (Saturday)

Arsenal have looked very good in recent games, despite a poor loss at home against Monaco in the Champions League, and even though they are away to Newcastle I don't see Arsenal losing this one.

Newcastle's influential captain Fabricio Coloccini will not be playing due to suspension which does not help matters and Arsenal have a great record at Newcastle. Arsenal will definitely win this.

PREDICTION: Arsenal will win 2-0.


Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City (Saturday)

For Spurs to lose to bottom placed Leicester looks impossible. Spurs were poor against Man United in their last game losing 3-0 but they will still have too much.

What could make this an interesting game is that Leicester being bottom of the table will be looking for three points and will throw everything at Spurs.

This has the potential to be close but Spurs should win this one.

PREDICTION: Spurs will win 3-2 


Southampton v Burnley (Saturday)

Southampton drew with Chelsea last week and were very impressive in the second half and could have won, had a few small things gone their way.

Burnley do seem to play well away from home and do challenge all the sides they seem to come up against. They are third from bottom of the table but do look useful at times. Burnley did beat Man City at home in their last game and will be confident of surprising Southampton.   

This has the potential to be a tight one with Burnley desperate for points but Southampton should win this at home.

PREDICTION: Southampton will win 1-0


Stoke City v Crystal Palace (Saturday)

Stoke are a tough team to beat at home but Palace have looked a decent side at times this season, since Alan Pardew took over.

Both teams are mid-table and don't have a great deal to play for.

Stoke should win this at home but it's going to be a close one.

PREDICTION: Stoke will win 1-0


Queens Park Rangers v Everton (Sunday)

QPR have to win this to try to get out of the relegation zone. Being second bottom they desperately need points.

Everton have a decent squad but have not been there this season but on a good day are capable of beating most sides. Everton also need a win to keep them out of the relegation zone.

There is a lot riding on this game for both teams but Everton should scrape this one. 

PREDICTION: Everton to win 1-0

By Rob Fleming

Do you agree with our predictions? How do you think it will all pan out? Let us know by posting yours in the comments field below…