Wenger: I don’t encourage simulation

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he is not a fan of players trying to win penalties by diving, and insists he never encourages his team to dive.

Tottenham star Dele Alli was booked for simulation in the 2-2 draw with Liverpool, a game which also saw Harry Kane win a controversial penalty that he subsequently failed to convert. Kane appeared to go down too easily, according to some pundits.

Following the draw with Liverpool, Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino said: "Football is about trying to trick your opponent.”

Wenger's charges are preparing for the north London derby against Spurs on Saturday, and was asked to comment on Pochettino's reaction.

“I am convinced he wanted to see tricking your opponent is to be clever. Was it an apology for diving? I’m not sure," he said, according to the Independent.

“In my case, no. We want to get diving out of the game. I don't tell my players to dive, I don't encourage them to dive at all.

“Sometimes they play a little bit with the rules. How far can you go? That is down to the referees. But I must say the English players learn very quickly and they may be the masters now.”