#YoPierre: The birth of Arsenal’s Aubameyang hashtag

#YoPierre is the best thing to come out of Premier League twitter this transfer season and it’s not even close.

Much has been made of the vaunted Mkhitaryan-Aubameyang connection. Over the past week and a half, Arsenal’s excellent twitter account, some quality investigative fan journalism and Henrikh himself delivered to perfection.

#YoPierre: An Annotated Timeline

January 22 2018

Henrikh Mkhitaryan moves to Arsenal from Manchester United, granting Alexis Sanchez the freedom he’s been yearning for for the past two seasons.

January 23 2018

Eagle-eyed Arsenal fan @Makhiavelli spots a curiosity in an Arsenal youtube video announcing Mkhitaryan’s signing:

This is the first known (and at the time, still alleged) sighting of the soon to be legendary “Yo Pierre”. Look closely at Mkhitaryan in front of the green screen, this will become an important plot point in this unfolding saga.

@Makhiavelli is hailed as an “actual legend” by fellow Arsenal fans.

@Arsenal replies to @Makhiavelli.

@Arsenal deletes their reply to @Makhiavelli.

In a harbinger of what was to come, Arsenal also deletes the Mkhitaryan signing video from youtube.

January 24 to January 30 2018

@Arsenal pretends nothing is happening.

January 31 2018

Arsenal loses to Swansea. @Arsenal tweets a link to quotes from Arsène Wenger’s post match press conference, which contains gems like:

“As usual, [things happen on the] final day.” – Arsène Wenger

The final day? No. Just 12 hours later, @Arsenal announced what all the Real Fans already knew:

One minute later, the #YoPierre HASHTAG WAS BORN:

The winking emoji confirms it. @Makhiavelli was right!

@Arsenal and Arsenal fans alike have embraced #YoPierre:

Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang themselves both seem pretty happy about how everything turned out:

Will they light the league on fire with the Gunners like they did at Borussia Dortmund? Will @Arsenal continue using the #YoPierre hashtag? We’ll be staying tuned to find out.