Pochettino: Book not to blame for Spurs form

Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino insists the launch of his new book has not influenced his side’s loss of form.

Since the release of Brave New World: Inside Pochettino’s Spurs on October 26, Spurs have taken just four points from a possible 15 in the Premier League, and they now trail leaders Manchester City by 16 points.

This has led to suggestions that the revelations of Pochettino’s private interactions with players in the book has unsettled them and led to a loss of form.

But the Argentine dismissed the claims, saying there was no risk in getting involved with the book because he had nothing to hide or lie about.

“It’s a risk when you lie, if you tell the truth, why? That was a very honest book that was involved with the club for a very good thing. I think it is an amazing book,” said Pochettino.

“For you, you are all [able to] read what is happening in a professional club. It is a great opportunity to find out it [management] is not only playing football, speaking to you [the media].

“When you are clear with everyone there doesn’t exist a problem. The problem is when you lie and try to show you are different. Here I am how I am and all that appears in this book the players know better than me. It’s nothing to hide.”

Pochettino said he is looking for a way to turn the club’s recent fortunes around, but that he will not let emotion cloud his thinking.

And while he said certain players could use fatigue as an excuse for their recent performances, most could not.

“Christian Eriksen, maybe can be a little bit tired,” said Pochettino. “But mentally more than physically because in the last international duty he played two amazing games [in Denmark’s World Cup qualifier play-off].

“He cannot rest, cannot stop and of course maybe he struggled a bit but his condition is fantastic, after every game the stats are unbelievable.

“The other players I think not because Dele Alli was not involved in the first three Champions League games, we manage the rotation. This is not the reason the team has struggled.”