Fellaini sues boot supplier New Balance over ‘foot damage’

Marouane Fellaini has reportedly launched legal action against his former boot supplier, claiming that their footwear caused ‘considerable damage’ to his feet.

A report by The Sun on Monday said that the Manchester United midfielder was suing New Balance for £2.1million in damages caused by the “loss of employment, inconvenience and impact on performance” when wearing their boots.

In a statement, the equipment manufacturer vowed to “vigorously defend itself.”

Fellaini signed the four-year, £600,000 per year deal back in 2012 when he was with Everton, but has since switched back to Nike.

In the complaint, Fellaini claims the boots had to be “steamed and stretched” by equipment managers before he could wear them, and that he made repeated complaints to the company.

New Balance countered by saying Fellaini told them that the boots were “perfect”, and even ordered extra pairs.

The firm’s statement added that it was “confident that it has acted appropriately” and that it was “grateful for the services historically provided by Mr. Fellaini.”

News of the 29-year-old Belgian’s apparent struggles with his footwear raised predictable levels of mirth on social media.

Maybe that’s why he uses his head and elbows so much?

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