Mourinho couldn’t believe Chelsea sold Matic

Nemanja Matic

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho admits he was taken aback when former Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic was offered to him by the player's agent.

Matic left the defending Premier League champions and signed for the Red Devils at the end of July, which resulted in widespread criticism aimed at Chelsea's transfer policy.

Mourinho was naturally delighted to be gifted with such a big opportunity and didn't hesitate to reunite with the Serbia international, who played under him during his time at Stamford Bridge.

"I was surprised when [Matic's] agent called me to say 'do you want him?' " Mourinho told Sky Sports News.

"I was surprised, but he's an agent I know well. Normally he's very direct and objective, he doesn't waste time, he doesn't try to get people to be interested in his players to improve their situation at their club.

"Normally he's very straightforward, so when he told me 'you can have him if you want', of course I want."