The John Dykes Show: England are a tough crowd

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England have done it – they’ve qualified for the World Cup. And yet celebrations were muted on Thursday night, after Kane’s 94th-minute winner.

On the John Dykes Show this evening the man himself will discuss whether the hard-nosed English press and football-watching public help or hinder the national team.


Dykes will also consider what Gareth Southgate can achieve at the helm of the Three Lions.


And then Dykes will link the considerable foreign contingent in the Premier League to the performance of the national side and debate whether Agüero and co. are beneficial or detrimental to the country. Plus, who would win a mini-league-of-nations?


All this and more, strap in, it’s going to be a beauty of a show.

Lights, camera, action!

Boring, boring England… but not in a good way

‘We all need to improve’

England have the players but something is missing

The foreign players in the Premier League are not the problem says the respected Darren Lewis

So what is the problem? Dykes says part of it is that everyone wants a crack through the middle

This a very, very tidy national football side!

Now this would be entertaining!

Thats it for today!


It was great to shift the focus away from the Premier League and focus on the England national side. England is such a fascinating footballing landscape on a number of levels. Join us again on Monday.