Dyche: Breaking transfer records not a big deal

Burnley manager Sean Dyche insists that breaking transfer records isn’t noteworthy anymore, due to the inflated fees that are regularly paid nowadays.

The Clarets boss broke the club’s transfer record for a fifth time, since taking over at Turf Moor, with the signing of Chris Wood for £15m from Leeds United on Monday.

Dyche believes transfer fees have become irrelevant, and that it’s more important to look at the quality of the players regardless of the fee.

“Fees are irrelevant. They’re crazy. Fees are all over the place. It’s more about the players,” he said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“Every player has a record fee now. You ring about any player and they go, ‘£20m’. Everyone is £20m. So everyone’s got a price tag on their head.

“I think it’s changed. I really mean it. Someone was saying that it’s the fifth time we’ve broken our record [in Dyche’s time at the club]. It doesn’t really make a story now.”