Mignolet: Reds shouldn’t hold back

Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet says his team should stay true to their attacking instincts, even if it means leaving themselves exposed at the back.

The Reds play a high-pressing, fast-paced game, the benefits and flaws of which were exposed in their opening Premier League match: a 3-3 draw against Watford.

“We can only play one way and that is forward,” Mignolet  said. “We have the qualities and our natural game will be attacking, we know we have to fill that in with a really defensive spirit

“We know what we have to improve after the Watford game and we have a good dressing room that will deal with that.

“You cannot change a natural footballing side that goes forward but we know we have to mix that in with a good defensive, aggressive spirit to make sure they don’t score the goals.

The Reds recently beat Hoffenheim 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League qualifier, and Mignolet hopes their attacking potency can wrap up the tie in the second leg at Anfield next week Wednesday.

“We scored two goals away from home and if we score one at Anfield it will be very difficult for them,” he added. “We knew that we can always score. We have so much style up front.”