Wenger: Singapore trip good for bonding

The Barclays Asia Trophy takes place at the National Stadium and starts on July 15 and ends on July 18. The teams taking part are Arsenal, Everton, Stoke City and a Singapore Selection side.

Coach Arsene Wenger will use the trip for team-bonding and it will be a good opportunity for him to take a look at the other two Premier League sides competing in the tournament.

"You have, already in your mind, the battles you could have for the coming season in the Premier League with these kinds of teams, but it's interesting as well because you know how strong they will be.

"It is a little advantage to know how strong they will be, what they've done and what you have to expect in the next season,” said Wenger.

"It's always a good experience as well to be together for a while and get good team-bonding during a period away from home.

"It has many advantages, the only disadvantage in fact is the travelling, but the rest is very positive," he added.

In the opening match on July 15, Everton will take on Stoke City followed by Arsenal and a Singapore Selection later in the day.

The two winners will meet in the final on July 18, while the losers face each other in a third-place play-off.