Ex-Manchester United star reveals Sir Alex Ferguson ‘didn’t care’ if players turned up drunk for training during festive period

Former Manchester United star Nani has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t care if players turned up drunk for training over the festive period. The 33-year-old highlighted that the former United boss knew how to deal with players and manage their professional and personal life.

The Portuguese revealed that Sir Alex said that he ‘can’t make demands’ on special days if players turned up drunk to training. Nani told Tribuna Expresso: “If I had the next day off, for example, then I could have some fun…on special days like Christmas or New Year – no one in England cares about that.

“On New Year, we could even go to training drunk and the coach didn’t care about it. That’s the side of [Sir Alex] that knew how to deal with the players and have the perception to say, ‘this day is special, I can’t make demands’.

“We had been playing non-stop all year long. It was a joy, a moment of relaxation, a different kind of training – clowning around. I won’t lie, I liked nights out.”

He then stressed on how his time at United helped in his overall growth as a person and a professional.

“It was amazing. He knows how to deal with the player, whether they are older or younger. He knows how to manage their professional career and the human being. With him I can say that I gained a unique experience and maturity because they were very important phases of my life.

“I needed to grow up really fast, to learn and deal with that culture and the club culture. It was great for me to have Sir Alex Ferguson. [Assistant manager] Carlos Queiroz, who was also exemplary in this respect, spoke the [Portuguese] language [and] was fundamental for me,” Nani added.