Referee Chiefs explain why Manchester United goal against Liverpool was allowed by VAR

Manchester United scored a controversial goal in the first half against Liverpool thanks to Marcus Rashford, and questions have been asked of VAR after it failed to deem a tackle in the build up as a “clear and obvious” error.

The Premier League has recently come under fire for not making consistent enough decisions when it comes to VAR, and though yesterday’s moment may have been considered a blunder by some, others deem it to be the correct call.

To clear up the situation surrounding the Rashford goal last night, as well as VAR in the Premier League in general, the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) weighed in on the incident.

Klopp ‘happy with the point, but not with Liverpool’s performance’

“Firstly, the on-field referee didn’t think it was a foul and VAR checked/decided that it wasn’t a clear and obvious error to not award the foul,” the PGMOL said to Sky Sports.

“Secondly, VAR isn’t re-refereeing matches – there is contact but VAR was comfortable it wasn’t enough to disallow the goal.”

However, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is convinced that VAR was at fault for allowing Rashford’s goal to stand.

“They were better than us and defended well, but in the end they scored a goal that shows all the problems with VAR,” he said.

“Mr Atkinson let the game run on because that is the protocol of VAR, and VAR shows there was contact and it was a foul.

“We then scored a goal that was disallowed. Pretty much everything went against us today, but we still didn’t lose. We deserved the point, 100 per cent.”