WATCH: Age-old ad featuring Manchester United star and Sir Bobby Charlton surfaces online

Manchester United fans have been left vying for the old days, with the team underperforming on all fronts. The Red Devils are falling flat across all competitions, with their league form the worst hit. In a throwback to the past, one first-team player has shared an ad which he shot as a kid with club legend Sir Bobby Charlton! 

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has shared an advertisement from his childhood in which he starred alongside club legend Sir Bobby Charlton. The youngster can be spotted momentarily in the ad following which Charlton hits the ball into the top corner.

Watch the video below and try to spot Rashford’s cameo!

“‪As a kid I was so excited to be in this video with a United & England legend. ‬From then until now, he’s a constant reminder of how big an honour it is to play for both.‬ ‪Happy Birthday, Sir Bobby.” wrote Rashford. 

Meanwhile, things haven’t gone according to plan for the England international on the pitch this season. After a great start to his season, one which saw him hit two goals against Chelsea on the opening day, Rashford stumbled and is currently undergoing a poor run of form.

Manchester United have suffered from a terrible start to the season and have already lost three of their eight matches in the league.