Ex-Manchester United star slams Paul Pogba for ‘hiding’ from Arsenal during disappointing draw

Ex-Manchester United star slams Paul Pogba for 'hiding' from Arsenal during disappointing draw

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has slammed Paul Pogba after the midfielder failed to inspire his team to a win against Arsenal at the Old Trafford on Monday.

Schmeichel called Pogba a “problem child”, after Arsenal forced a draw against United, at the latter’s own home turf.

“It was a really weird performance,” the ex-shot-stopper said, while attending an interview with Stadium Astro.

“Sitting in the stands looking at the team and the shape it was difficult to understand what was going on, what the plan for the game was.”

“If Pogba is playing in this team he needs to speed it up a bit. He was seriously slowing it down, in the first 25 minutes just basically playing the ball backwards. For a player of his calibre that was disappointing.”

“I don’t understand what his role in this team is. Even when Ole made the substitutions and put Pogba further forward, not a lot happened. There were two very good passes in the game from Pogba but it’s two, it’s not 15.”

“And I see that as a problem. He takes up so much attention. It kind of feels like he’s a problem child in this team,” he explained.

“When you have someone who takes up so much attention, we need to understand what is his role, what is he going to do for this Manchester United team?”

“I think the players are good enough around him.”

“But he was kind of hiding a little bit in the first half, especially in the first half. Second half was a little bit better.”

“Of course when he gets moved further forward his defensive responsibilities are a bit less, then he gets the ball a bit more.”

“He’s not playing the same way that he did last season for sure,” the Englishman concluded.

Quotes via Metro.