Jose Mourinho gives his take on Manchester United sacking and club’s current situation

Manchester United parted ways with Jose Mourinho in December 2018, bringing in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as his replacement. However, the Red Devils have failed to deliver under the Norwegian so far this season and Mourinho was on hand to comment on the situation, among other things. 

Jose Mourinho finally revealed what he thinks about his Manchester United sacking, accepting that he deserved it in the end. He further stated that he’s not enjoying United’s current predicament, with the club struggling to get points on the board this season.

“I’m not the right person to answer it,” Mourinho said on Sky Sports

“They are far behind. It’s difficult for me to answer. I was there for two seasons where I could feel lots of positive things and I could feel the direction to go in, then obviously the third season was not good enough.

“I was sacked, I probably deserved to be sacked because I was responsible as the manager, but the sad reality is that they are worse than before.

“And for me, that is a sad thing. Maybe people think I’m enjoying the situation but I’m not enjoying it at all.”

Jose Mourinho was relieved of his duties by Manchester United in December 2018, following a poor run of form. The Portuguese football manager has been linked with several jobs since but has failed to take up any of them. Instead, the three-time Premier League winner has taken up punditry, appearing as an expert to comment on several games.