Romelu Lukaku reveals real reason why he left Manchester United

Inter's Romelu Lukaku celebrates against Lecce

Romelu Lukaku left Manchester United this summer to join Inter Milan in one of the most bitter departures in recent memory. He has now spoken out about the move.

Soon after slamming the club for a number of reasons, the Belgian has now referred to himself as being the ‘scapegoat’ where he was blamed for a lot of what was wrong at the club.

“Scapegoated,” Lukaku told ESPN. “Meaning ‘You. Are. The. Reason.’”

Lukaku was often lambasted for being overweight, and faced the ire of fans as well as pundits alike, though he calls it a digestive system issue.

“Normally I have a fine digestive system,” Lukaku explained.

“I digest everything very quickly. That’s how it had been my entire life. But what the nutritionist said to me was it had stopped working.

“I’m good now. My body is in the zone.”

Talking about Inter Milan and his new project, the former Chelsea and Everton man is optimistic about the future.

“This could be the team I need,” he said. “There’s the love I have for this area. The love that I have for Inter.

“And it was the perfect moment for me to leave England. I didn’t want to be there anymore.”