Arsenal star reveals what Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah told him after scoring penalty

Arsenal star reveals what Liverpool's Mohamed Salah told him after scoring penalty

Arsenal star David Luiz defended his shirt pull versus Mohamed Salah during Saturday’s Premier League game against Liverpool and also revealed that he spoke to the Reds’ star himself – who apparently told him that he felt no force or restriction as a result of Luiz’ actions.

“I think the second goal, the penalty, killed the game,” David Luiz told Sky Sports after the final whistle.

He then went on to speak about his shirt pull at Mohamed Salah.

“Yes [it was instinctive], I think you cannot take this out of the players, it’s just a reflex,” Luiz said, before adding:

“When I turn, I see and I take off the power [of the pull].”

“That’s when I spoke with Momo [Salah] and he said, ‘I didn’t feel you touch me, that’s why I didn’t go down to the floor’,” he revealed further.

“But now with the VAR you cannot see the power [of the shirt pull] so it’s difficult for the referees, he saw the shirt like that and called penalty.”

“It’s difficult for them, so I cannot complain to the referees.”

“If you play with an extra-large shirt now it could be a penalty every time. It’s interpretation. If you pull someone with power and you stop him trying to go to the ball it’s different. This was just a reflex,” Luiz explained.

“But that’s it, he scored the penalty and gave me a yellow.”

“VAR is difficult for them they cannot see the power. It depends on the interpretation. I spoke with Momo he said, ‘I didn’t feel that’,” Luiz concluded.

Quotes via Express.