Bizarre new law states players could get sent off for entering VAR room which is located in London

Football has witnessed some bizarre rules over the years – from taking off your shirt to celebrate to celebrating with the fans. Video Assistant Referee, or VAR, has now joined the lobby with a bizarre rule o their own. 

Video Assistant Referee – VAR – has been dividing opinions ever since its introduction. The technology has garnered massive support with people backing it to provide ample support to the officials. Others, meanwhile, haven’t been as pleased, stating the inconsistencies in the decisions and the long stoppages in play.

Premier League was introduced to VAR recently, with the English top division coming under the full purview of the system. However, fans have so far been divided on the system and its effects on the game.

There is, however, one bizarre law which has brought together the two debating sides in unison. According to the rules accompanying the technology, any player who chooses to enter the VAR room where the team of officials is sat will be given a red card. On paper, it seems like a normal rule. However, take into consideration that the closest Stadium to the room in question is actually 13 miles (21 kilometres) away!

The VAR room is located in Stockley Park, London, with Watford’s Vicarage Road the closest Premier League ground to it. Nevertheless, if any given player across the league decides to jog on to London in order to confront the officials, he will be given a red card.