Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea assistant explains why Kepa refused to come off against Manchester City

In one of the most shocking moments of last season, Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to come off against Manchester City in the League Cup final, causing manager Maurizio Sarri to throw a fit.

Months after the infamous incident, former assistant coach at Chelsea Gianfranco Zola has revealed exactly what went down, and why Kepa behaved the way that he did.

Zola highlights that they were speechless when the incident happened, and also admits that there were certain things that may have been differently to ensure it didn’t become so embarrassing.

The former Chelsea player explained that there was an injury scare to Kepa before the game, but he wasn’t hurt during the match, as he probably felt the Blues bench figured.

It led to a bizarre situation of course, with Maurizio Sarri storming off in disgust as the world watched in amazement, with Kepa standing his ground and refusing to be subbed off.