WATCH: Former Arsenal player apologizes to Manchester United star over false criticism

WATCH: Former Arsenal player apologizes to Manchester United star over false criticism

Former Arsenal star Paul Merson has apologized to Harry Maguire for criticising the Manchester United defender without reason earlier last week. Merson said that he was”out of order” as he made a false judgement on the ex-Leicester City centre-back.

“[Harry] Maguire for £80million is ridiculous at the highest level,” Merson had said in another show “Soccer Saturday”, referring to the transfer fee that United paid Leicester to acquire him earlier this month.

“When he plays for Leicester, they play, they drop back and defend on the edge of their box. There is no space behind. Same’s not the case at United, where you need pace and he lacks it,” he had added.

A day later, the 26-year-old turned in a man-of-the-match performance as Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-0 in their Premier League 2019-20 opener. This led to Merson duly apologizing, as you can watch in the video right here:

“I was out of order for the disrespectful manner in which I questioned Maguire’s ability,” Merson said in an interview with Sky Sports. “He’s got that commanding… he’s got a presence. He looks like a centre-half, he doesn’t mess about. I thought he did very well.”

“I thought I was very critical on Saturday if I’m being honest, [critical] of him on Soccer Saturday.”

“I tried to get hold of him today and I’ll talk to him tomorrow. I thought I was a bit critical of him – what I wanted to say didn’t really come across the way I thought it should have,” he explained, before concluding:

“I thought it (the £80million transfer fee) was a lot of money – but I didn’t give him the credit he deserves for how good he is.”

United will now take on Wolverhampton Wanderers in their next Premier League fixture, on 20th August.