Premier League giants slammed as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘arrogant’ during Asia pre-season tour

Premier League giants slammed as 'disrespectful and arrogant' during Asia pre-season tour

Premier League Champions Manchester City expected a smooth sail during their pre-season tour in Asia, but instead, Pep Guardiola and men were slammed as “disrespectful” and “arrogant” by the Chinese state media.

Manchester City recently visited China’s Shanghai and Nanjing for participating in the Premier League Asia Cup, which they eventually lost to Wolverhampton Wanderers in the game that was held on Saturday. After the match, Xinhua News Agency which is owned by the Chinese government accused the club of going to China only for the money.

The article, under the headline “‘Chinese fans’ love for Man City goes unreciprocated on home soil”, claimed that manager Pep Guardiola and his squad did not interact with local supporters in the same way as the Wolves, West Ham United and Newcastle United, the other three Premier League teams who played in the same tournament.

The article begins by slamming Guardiola for refusing to speak to fans after City beat West Ham in Nanjing last Wednesday. It further said: “Taken alone, it might have been excusable as a one-off occurrence, perhaps due to jetlag or a packed schedule.”

“But unfortunately for Chinese fans here and local media, it proved to just be one example among many of the utter disrespect shown by Manchester City to their hosts during their tour of China.”

“For the Premier League champions, their appearance in China was nothing more than a commercial obligation, and their lack of enthusiasm and the indifferent treatment of their hosts stands in stark contrast to representatives of other clubs,” the article explained.

According to Mirror, the attacks will come as a huge embarrassment and a public-relations disaster to City’s Abu Dhabi owners, especially after Sheikh Mansour sold a 13 per cent stake in the club to Chinese Media Capital for £265million in December 2015.

Quotes via Mirror.