Fans term Kieran Trippier ‘error prone’ after tagging the wrong Spurs in farewell message

Fans term Kieren Trippier 'error prone' after tagging the wrong Spurs in farewell message

On Wednesday, former Tottenham Hotspur star Kieran Trippier left the Premier League to join Atletico Madrid, in a move that cost the La Liga club a total fee of €22million. The England international played 114 matches for the Spurs across four seasons, before deciding to continue his career elsewhere.

Wednesday was hence a very emotional day for the 28-year-old, who immediately took to Instagram to post a farewell message for his fans and supporters at his former club. But little did he realise that he made a rather funny error while posting the message – he tagged the wrong Spurs team!

The error was soon spotted by an eagle-eyed fan, who himself took to Twitter to announce the right-back’s unfortunate gaffe. Check out the tweet right here:

“I’m not saying Kieran Trippier is error prone but he’s just thanked the San Antonio Spurs by mistake,” the Twitter user pointed out.

A closer look at the attached picture will reveal that it is, in fact, true – Trippier addressed his post to “@spurs” on Instagram instead of “@spursofficial” – the former Instagram handle belongs to NBA team San Antonio Spurs while the latter handle is owned by Trippier’s actual former club, Tottenham Hotspur.

This then led to several fans reacting below the original tweet. Here we bring you some of the best reactions:

Just like you saw in that last tweet, the Englishman later corrected the error and posted the picture again, as you can see below: