Arsenal fans fume as owner pays $2.6 billion for his American football side’s new stadium

Arsenal fans are not at all happy with the way the club is being run currently and are turning on owner Stan Kroenke.

The club’s owner has just paid $2.6 billion for his American football side Los Angeles Rams’ new stadium while Arsenal are set to spend a third consecutive year outside the Champions League. They are yet to sign a first-team player in the ongoing summer transfer window as well.

A joint statement from various Arsenal fan groups was released questioning Kroenke’s commitment to the club.

“As Arsenal fans we have watched with frustration as the team’s football performances have declined over the past decade,” the statement read. When Stan Kroenke began buying Arsenal shares the club had just competed in a first Champions League final.

“Twelve years on, Arsenal are about to play in the Europa League for the third year running. Off the pitch, fans have never felt more marginalised, less listened to or valued,” the joint statement read.

Using the hashtag #WeCareDoYou, various Arsenal fans vented out their frustration with how the club is being run and that slammed Kroenke.