Jose Mourinho reveals match where Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United ‘wouldn’t have scored in 900 minutes’ vs Chelsea

The 2019/20 Premier League season is set to start with a showdown between rivals Manchester United and Chelsea. And who better to talk about the rivalry than Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese’s first match in charge of Chelsea was against Manchester United, which the Blues went on to win 1-0 and eventually the Premier League title that season. While talking to The Coaches’ Voice, Mourinho revealed how that day Sir Alex Ferguson’s United wouldn’t have scored a goal even if the match went on for 900 minutes.

“It was important to win against a direct rival. In the context of 38 matches you cannot lose many points, especially at home against direct rivals if you want to win the title.

“I thought it was very important because there was not a contradiction between our words to the players, our ambitions, and then the result of the match.

“If you say ‘this season is to be champions’ and then the first match you lose 3-0 at home to a direct rival, you give one step back.

“So it was one step forward, there was a big relation between that match and what we tried to give to the team in pre-season which was mental strength, being compact, tactical discipline and then be really ambitious on that approach that sometimes I call the ‘all in approach’.

“You have to put everything in that game, in every minute of the game, every second of the game, it’s all in. It’s your qualities, your physical power, it’s your aggression, it’s your emotional control, you have to put everything in.

“That game was one of those matches where we could feel the ‘all in’. It’s one of those matches where I felt the game is 90 minutes, but it could be 900 minutes and they wouldn’t score. We would always win the match.”