Chelsea star reveals the impact Eden Hazard’s last message on Chelsea group chat had on him

Hazard Chelsea Real

Eden Hazard has left Chelsea for Real Madrid, and while it had been reported for months that he was on the move, his final goodbyes to his teammates have left a profound impact on some.

Speaking to ESPN Brazil, Chelsea star Emerson revealed the emotional moment that Eden Hazard said goodbye to his teammates via their WhatsApp group chat, and it clearly had a big impact on him.

“On the WhatsApp group, the last move there was Hazard’s farewell.

“He said goodbye to the boys and such, since then, we don’t know anything else. It’s weird.

“He sent a ‘thank you, I love you guys’, and then it showed ‘Eden Hazard left the group’.

“I said damn, he really left.”

The Belgian was clearly a popular figure in the Blues’ dressing room, and his departure has seemed to have had a bigger impact on the players than perhaps any other player before him.

‘It was a dream to play for Real Madrid’ says new signing Hazard

Moving on to Real Madrid now, Hazard has a new challenge ahead of him, as does his former manager in Maurizio Sarri, who has moved on to become new coach of Juventus.

Chelsea are expected to bring in club icon Frank Lampard as their new permanent manager in the coming days.