Romelu Lukaku snubs Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, calls former Chelsea boss ‘the best manager in the world’

Romelu Lukaku’s time at Manchester United seems to be coming to an abrupt end. The striker is reportedly close to Inter Milan move and he has further strengthened those reports by calling Antonio Conte the best manager in the world.

The former Chelsea boss joined Inter in a managerial role and the Belgian now looks set to join them as well. While in conversation with Premium Sport, Lukaku said that he has already made a decision about his future, terming Conte the best in the world along with it.

“It’s good to see Conte joined Inter, for me he is the best manager in the world,” Lukaku told Premium Sport.

“I’ve already taken a decision about the future but I can’t reveal it because I have a contract with Manchester United and because I respect the club. I am a big fan of Serie A, who knows me is aware that I wanted to play in the Premier League and that I also want to play in Serie A.

“Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Italy last season, Sarri will go to Juve, Ancelotti is at Naples, the Serie A will be thrilling next season. My agent will speak with Manchester United. I’ve already taken my decision. The club need to decide but my agent wants the best for me, I am sure it’ll be an agitated summer.”