Jose Mourinho directs ‘puppet’ jibe at Solskjaer in latest Manchester United rant

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is not a happy man since being sacked as Manchester United manager. Mourinho has time and again maintained that the position was one of the toughest of his career, and most people seem to agree with him. 

Taking his place at United is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has learned exactly what Jose was talking about, after barely spending six months in the job.

In his latest rant about his former employers, Mourinho aimed a dig at ‘nice guy managers’ and it’s fair to say he was talking about Solskjaer while discussing it.

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the right man to rejuvenate stuttering Man United?

“Generally, the players can feel a certain erosion, especially when you ask a lot of them,” Mourinho told L’Equipe.

“When I say that the second season [when United finished second behind Manchester City] was fantastic, I say it because the potential and the objectives were met.”

“I really squeezed, like an orange, to achieve them. When you have a very professional group of players who are ambitious, hard-working and talented, at a structured club, you don’t have that erosion. When you are almost alone, in that you don’t have the support of the club close to you, while certain players go somewhat against the coach, who is the nice guy? I don’t want to be the nice guy, because the nice guy, after three months, is a puppet and that doesn’t end well.”

“I said nine or 10 months ago that after winning eight championships, finishing second with United may have been my greatest achievement. Now people understand. About United I want to say only two things: One is that time has spoken. Two is that the problems are still there.”

Clearly Mourinho is a little bitter about the situation at United, and it is safe to assume that he isn’t wrong about it.