Former Manchester United captain outlines the 4 problem positions that the club have to address in the transfer market

Manchester United, on Wednesday suffered a huge setback on their Champions League qualification dreams for next season, when they lost 2-0 to Manchester City in a high-profile derby clash in the Premier League.

The loss means that it is nearly impossible for United to reach the top-four in Premier League standings, without which they do not stand a chance to qualify for the Champions League.

At the end of the game, former Manchester United captain Roy Keane shared his insights on how the club should use the transfer market this summer, to get rid of their shortcomings. He was speaking to Sky Sports, and he said that Manchester United need to completely overhaul their defence if they want to get back to competing for titles.

“The worry for me is, they certainly need a couple of centre-halves and two full-backs. That’s four for starters,” the Irishman explained after the match, as per Metro.

“I think defensively, the back four, I don’t think [Luke] Shaw’s up to it, in defence of [Ashley] Young he’s not a full-back, I know he’s been doing a job there for the last few years. Two centre-halves and then you take it from there.”

“Unless you’ve got a decent keeper and a decent back four, it’s tough going. Yeah, you can get to midfield if you want, but in terms of the foundation and going onto win trophies and getting back to competing near the top [you need a strong defence],” he added, before concluding:

“I’ve been saying it for the last few years, everyone kept talking about midfielders and attacking players, but first and foremost you get your back four – or your back five including the goalkeeper – sorted out.”

He also had examples to quote, in proving his point.

“You look at Man City, we praise Pep Guardiola as one of the greatest coaches, a genius, knows the game inside out, but his first year at Man City he didn’t win anything and the first thing he said to his board was, ‘I need to get some defenders into this club’ as well as the goalkeeper obviously. Jurgen Klopp was doing well the first one or two years at Liverpool and they were saying ‘but they look short’, he went and bought a goalkeeper and a centre-half. Ole needs to do the same.”

Up next, United will face Chelsea in the Premier League, on April 28th.