Former Manchester United player’s savage Twitter response puts Liverpool fan in his place

While Manchester United lurch from one mishap to another, former Red Devil Danny Higginbotham’s savage response to a Liverpool fan has provided some mirth to United fans in an otherwise humourless week.

A bunch of Liverpool fans had responded angrily to the former Stoke player’s assertion that no self-respecting Manchester United player would like Liverpool to win the league.

Although admitting that losing to Manchester City is not a pleasant option, it is atleast better that being known as the team that handed arch-rivals Liverpool the League:

“As a Manchester United fan, you never want to lose to City, he remarked.

“But you don’t want to be the club that handed Liverpool the title.”

Taking to Twitter, a Liverpool supporter mockingly wondered aloud: “Danny who?”

Higginbotham’s response was uncompromising. The retired defender reminded the Merseyside faithful that he was part of the Stoke side which had halted Liverpool’s progress to the Premier League title a decade or so back.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool has been more solid in their pursuit of the Premier League and yet they stand on the cusp of losing out to Manchester City. Although, not as brittle as their counterparts from a few seasons ago, Liverpool will be desperately hoping for a positive result in tonight’s Manchester derby.

A draw or defeat for Pep Guardiola’s buccaneering bunch would hand the initiative to Liverpool in an absorbing title-race.