Manchester United star reveals he is the real reason they lost 4-0 to Everton

Manchester United’s abject performance and subsequent 4-0 embarrassing defeat to Everton in the Premier League has been well covered now, but there is still a lingering feeling of horror after that unexpected result.

Players and fans are yet to come to grips with how poor United were, and the eleven men on the pitch have started taking responsibility for what went wrong. Too little, too late of course.

We need to apologise to fans – Solskjaer

Nemanja Matic is the latest to weigh in on how poor his team played, and how they deserve to lose.

The Serbian however, thinks he himself is to blame for how his club lost to Everton.

“The biggest problem was that we didn’t have leaders on the pitch,” Matic, 30, told Stadium Astro.

“In this case me, because I’m one of the most experienced guys in the team so if we don’t win that battle in the middle, for our team it is difficult to play.

“If someone is to be blamed for this game it is me.

“I think that I’m most responsible because I’m one of the most experienced guys in the changing room.”

United don’t have it any easier though, as they now gear up to face Manchester City mid-week in the Premier League.