How Cristiano Ronaldo reacted when Sir Alex Ferguson scolded him for the first time

Manchester United have produced some legends over the years, and making them their best version of themselves was a task that Sir Alex Ferguson did brilliantly. 

Under his tutelage, the likes of Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo all become superstars, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Speaking of Ronaldo, the Juventus man is a fighter on the pitch now, but his mental strength probably wasn’t at its peak when he first joined United as a youngster.

Ronaldo shows bib skills and fouls teammate in training

Club icon Nemanja Vidic has shared a rather interesting story of when Fergie decided to scold Ronaldo on the training ground, and how CR7 reacted to it.

“I think Ronaldo wasn’t happy when he [Sir Alex] shouted at him,” Vidic said on the League of Legends podcast.

“In the beginning it was one time he said something to Ronaldo, but he accepted it very emotionally.”

“He took it personally, but he was very young – he was 20 years old.”

“Of course you realise, even me, that next time you will not tell him (if something goes wrong)”, Vidic added.

“It’s better to not tell him because otherwise he will be too emotional and he won’t help you be better.”

And sure enough, Ferguson was slightly more restrained in his approach to deal with Ronaldo soon after, and the Portuguese responded with match-winning and even trophy-winning displays.