Most expensive Premier League lineups of this season based on starting XI

The Premier League is swimming in money post the TV rights deal. Allied to the wealth of owners, the Premier League clubs spend enormous sums on their transfer outlays.

In a bid to maximise on-field and commercial success, the clubs leave no stone unturned. According to a recent infographic released by Imgur, the big spenders usually occupy the top spots in the table.

It comes as no surprise that Manchester City has the most expensive first XI with a starting line up costing them a cool £492 million. The top 6 clubs in the league are also the highest spenders when it comes to transfer expenditure, with the exception of Tottenham.

The average expenditure of the top 6 clubs amounts to roughly £303 million. If one were to discard league positions from the equation, the top six spenders disbursed an average of £307 million to build a team to their satisfaction.

Contrast this with the newly promoted Cardiff City who have discharged a measly  £13 million on their first XI, and one can grasp to an extent the growing disparity between the top and middling clubs.