Liverpool fan attacks Chelsea supporters at Anfield, nine-year old hospitalised

On Sunday, Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-0 to stay within contention for the Premier League trophy this season.

With Manchester City beating Crystal Palace 3-1, they rose to No.1 in the table with 83 points from 33 games. As a result, the Reds – who were then at 82 points from the same number of matches – needed a win to get back at the top of the table.

The game also marked the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy, when 96 Liverpool fans went to the 1989 FA Cup semi-final but never returned back due to a fatal stampede that happened in the stadium.

Meanwhile, Chelsea fans were aware enough to keep calm during most parts of the game, especially after the incidents of racist abuse in Prague last week, during their away-fixture in the Europa League.

It was however, a Liverpool fan that created a huge load of trouble this time around, as he chose to throw a red smoke bomb into the travelling fans’ section, as soon as Sadio Mane opened the scoring for the hosts.

Image and video footages of the assault have been shared online and in addition, the Daily Mail also reports that a disabled nine-year-old fan needed medical treatment due to the incident.


The kid – named Donte Patterson-Stanley – was taken to the stadium’s first-aid area after inhaling the smoke from the bomb.

“Shortly after the smoke bomb was thrown into the away end, my son’s eyes went quite red and itchy and very watery,” Donte’s mother Frances Stanly was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“He was coughing non-stop and sneezing. One of the stewards came over and asked if he was OK and then offered to get one of the paramedics over to have a look at him. They came over straight away then took us to the first aid room.”

“They were a bit concerned about his oxygen levels so proceeded to give him nebuliser to open his airways. It did help as the coughing eased off and he calmed quite a bit,” she added, before concluding:

“My son has special needs with developmental delays. It was all a bit much for him and with him not understanding what was going on, he became very anxious.”

The youngster is believed have made a full recovery, with whereabouts of the defaulter Liverpool fan yet to be made known.

The Reds will face Porto next, in an important Champions League quarter-finals fixture on Wednesday. Earlier, Mohamed Salah added to the scoresheet against Chelsea, to ensure the win on Sunday.