Former Chelsea striker mocks Steven Gerrard for the infamous ‘slip’ in 2014

We all know how England legend Steven Gerrard infamously “slipped” against Chelsea at Anfield, not only costing Liverpool the game, but also the Premier League title of the 2013-14 season.

In a few hours, Chelsea will play Liverpool at the Anfield once again, and the similarities between today’s game and the one that transpired five years ago, is extraordinarily high. For one, Liverpool are locked in a title challenge for the first time since 2013-14, and a defeat could cause them to lose the League trophy once again.

Meanwhile, former Chelsea star Demba Ba revealed that he does not feel sorry for Gerrard’s situation five years ago. The Chelsea striker had made use of the then-Liverpool captain’s misfortune in the fateful game, as he collected the loose ball from him before running in to score the winner.

“I didn’t feel sorry for him,” Ba told The Sun. “I’m not a Steven Gerrard supporter. I’m not a Liverpool supporter.”

“It’s all part of the game. It’s the same as Crystal Palace last year when they were safe and had nothing to play for, they went and played at Stoke and sent them down by winning. You go and do your job, you go to win.”

Chelsea’s then boss Jose Mourinho had famously started a “reserve XI” in the game, as he was keen to rest many players for the upcoming Champions League semi-finals. Quite notably, Liverpool’s current star Mohamed Salah was part of the Chelsea XI that sunk the Reds that night.

“Mourinho tried every trick in the box to infuriate Liverpool. I would say he put the reserve team out. A lot of the players that started that day were not in the starting XI every week,” Ba siad.

“So we went out like this, but he still expected us to win. He was very motivated to win that game. He was loud in the dressing room.”

“It was not him telling us how important it was to win, he was saying, ‘we came here to win, we’re not going to give up’ and was giving us the motivation,” concluded the 34-year old striker who currently plies his trade with Istanbul Basaksehir.

Liverpool are currently at the top of the Premier League 2018-19 charts, with 82 points from 33 games. As second-placed Manchester City have 80 points from 32 matches, they will only need one win in their next two matches to gain a vital lead on the Reds, provided the latter loses to Chelsea tonight.