Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola reveals how long he will remain in management

While Pep Guardiola squares off with Roy Hodgson later in the day, the Catalan has revealed that he does not wish to remain in the game for as long as his counterpart has.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Manchester City boss reaffirmed his love for football but does not wish to continue into the distant future. Instead, he’d rather watch fresh faces bring in new dimensions to the sport:

“I don’t see myself training at 71-years old, believe me, no way.”

“When I started I said I wanted to be a manager but not at 71.

“I will retire, I am pretty sure of that, but I want to enjoy a few more years. I love doing that (coaching) but I think you need a special energy and I think at 71 I will not have the same energy for being there every day and to be focused on training sessions.

“There will be new generations and new ideas and they will have to do it. I will see it and I will be watching football until the last day of my life because I like it, but being there I don’t think so.”

Further, Guardiola outright rejected the possibility of moving into the boardroom once he is done with coaching. He feels it requires preparation and expertise which he doesn’t have, and neither does he have the inclination to take up such a role:

“I think it’s a big mistake when you have had success as a manager to (believe) you can do the other things.

“I do not prefer to be a CEO or a President because you have to prepare for that. I have not had time in the past and I don’t like it.”

Pep Guardiola might have put a shelf-life on his time in football, his contributions and achievements are forever going to remain part of football folklore.