Jurgen Klopp reveals hilarious master plan to stop Eden Hazard

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool will face Chelsea on Sunday, April 14, in the Premier League. The Blues have recovered some of their early season form, with star player Eden Hazard back to his best. When quizzed about how he intends to stop the Belgian, Klopp had a hilarious reply in store. 

“We will take 13 players, and two will play only against Eden!” said Jurgen Klopp in his pre-match press conference.

However, the German soon revealed his actual plan to stop the Belgian, which revolves around cutting the supply to him.

“The best way to try to make sure that he cannot shine is to avoid passes to him,” added the Liverpool boss, “React a little bit better than other teams did.”

“It’s not easy, because when he has the ball it’s already too late. You try to read the game, read the passes.

“But in the end, in a 1 v 1 situation, you cannot defend him. You need help from somewhere else.

“I like footballers like this. If he plays his best game, we have to deal with that. And if we can make sure they cannot play as they usually do, that’s good for us.”

Klopp praised Hazard even further, saying that he can be considered among the best players in the world.

“Eden Hazard, on his day, can be the world’s best,” remarked the German.

“He had a brilliant career, and it’s not over. He has a lot of things I like in football, his joy, his cheek, strong, quick, he’s a good player.

“But like all good players, he has to play against us, and we try everything to deny at least a couple of his skills. And that would help us.”

Liverpool will be soon faced with Eden Hazard. The Belgian travels to Merseyside along with his teammates on Sunday, as Chelsea face Liverpool in a Premier League tie.