Classy Arsenal fans make the trip to Nantes after playing Rennes to pay respects to Emiliano Sala

Things turned all the more dreary for Arsenal after their disappointing loss to Rennes in last week’s Europa League away fixture. The players were abused as they arrived at the London Heathrow airport post the game, among many other similar incidents.

Meanwhile, another section of Arsenal’s fans showed what class is all about, with an incredible gesture post the Rennes game.

They travelled to nearby town Nantes, the home of deceased footballer Emiliano Sala’s former club Nantes FC, and paid their respects to him at the space that Nantes FC have arranged for fans to do so.

A Twitter user (identified as Richard as per his account name) shared photos as well, as we can see below:

Nantes FC was where Sala played before making the switch to Premier League team Cardiff City on January 19, 2019. Two days later, his flight from Nantes to Cardiff fell into the English Channel, taking the Argentine’s life.

Back to North London, Richard’s act was praised by the footballing world in its entirety, for showing the world how a true fan of a team and the game should behave. That the incident comes following the public humiliation that the Gooners faced while alighting at London, that too by their own fans – makes it all the more beautiful, as it ideally showed how to take care of the club and the game of football in general.