Chats leaked between Emiliano Sala and Cardiff City explain flight decision

The tragedy surrounding the death of Emiliano Sala has shook the footballing world to its core, and almost a month later, more questions than answers seem to be present. 

Now, a new update has emerged in the story suggesting that Sala had opted to fly himself from Nantes instead of agreeing to be flown down by Cardiff officials.

The WhatsApp conversation (in Spanish and French) highlights the fact that Cardiff liaison officer Callum Davies clearly offered Sala an option to fly with the club’s help, but the same is politely refused by Sala, who claims he has had arrangements made by agent Willie McKay.

A full transcript of the messages was shared by Wales Online, which translates and tells us the exact discussion that was done before Sala boarded the fateful flight that fell in the English Channel.

Player Liaison Officer: [thumbs up emoji]

Emiliano Sala: Thank you very much

PLO: It’s nothing friend

I write Spanish better than I speak it

ES: Ha ha very good

PLO: My girlfriend speaks Spanish. She is a teacher

[shares commercial flight details]

PLO: It is an option perhaps. Cardiff-Paris.

But it’s early.

ES: Friend.

It’s good.

I have a flight going tomorrow to Nantes and return Monday night to Cardiff.

Willie McKay called me.

PLO: Ok mate. Have you agreed a price with him?

ES: Yes it’s good. We will speak tomorrow before leaving for Nantes.

PLO: Ok that works.

What time do you fly


Despite the leaked chats, the Sala situation continues to be one that is in dispute, but needs to be handled carefully because of the sheer sensitivity behind it all.