Reports: Why Manchester United used garlic on their pitch before the Liverpool game

Manchester United used garlic on the Old Trafford pitch ahead of their game against Liverpool this past weekend. Here’s why they did it.

Manchester United employ a peculiar tactic to ensure that parasites do not damage the grass roots at Old Trafford and that involves plying the pitch with garlic.

They employed the tactic in the lead up to their game against Liverpool this past weekend as well.

It is a tactic that the club has been using on and off for the past five years, reports Sky Sports. Not only United, but a number of other English Premier League teams also make use of garlic in a similar vein, states the report.

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However, drawbacks include the strong smell that the garlic gives off that can be perceived from up to half a mile away on a windy day, it is said. But its use is structured in such a way that the smell doesn’t linger on match days.

Manchester United ended up earning a 0-0 draw against Liverpool in a tightly contested encounter in which neither team had many open chances. The game was instead predominated by Manchester United’s injury crisis in the first half that saw them employ all three of their substitutions.