Worrying details emerge of Emiliano Sala’s flight trajectory before crash

Emiliano Sala’s plane apparently plummeted thousands of feet abruptly just prior to the crash, Guardian reveals.

Air Accident Investigators have reportedly unearthed facts regarding the trajectory of the plane Emilano Sala was on just before it crashed into the English Channel. The plane was then located in the seabed and the body in it, identified to be that of the footballer’s.

Guardian reports that the plane lost thousands of feet in altitude in just 20 seconds after making a 180 degree turn, following pilot Dave Ibbotson’s request for descent in an attempt to avoid impairment in vision due to cloud.

However the AAIB has not yet narrowed down on the exact cause of the plane crash, but initial radar readings seem to suggest that the plane ascended rapidly before its final descent.

Sala’s remains visited by mourners in home town

Cardiff City have expressed their concern that the pilot, Dave Ibbotson, was not qualified to carry Emiliano Sala and have also raised questions about the legality of the flight as a whole.

Their statement read:

“We have grave concerns that questions still remain over the validity of the pilot’s licence and rating to undertake such a journey, as identified [by the AAIB report].

“We are also concerned to discover that the trip involved an aircraft which did not conform to either UK Civil Aviation Authority or US Federal Aviation Administration requirements for commercial activity and therefore may have been operating unlawfully. We welcome further investigation into the accident.”

(Quotes R/T Guardian)