Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho reveals details about his next club

Jose Mourinho took time out to detail the exact structure of club that will tempt him back into football management, after being out of the game since December 2018.

The former Manchester United boss spoke exclusively to Telegraph about the kind of opportunity that he is looking for as he awaits his next management job.

He mentioned that he is only looking for opportunities that would ensure that there is minimal ‘internal conflict’, indicating that his views on football should coincide with that held by the powers that be at the club.

“I want to work in a club that understands there is a structure in place. I don’t want to work in a structure of no coincidence [unity] in the thinking.

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“People sometimes say ‘this manager doesn’t like to work with a football director’; ‘this manager doesn’t like to work with chief scout’; ‘this manager doesn’t like to work with an owner’; ‘this manager doesn’t like to work with president’.

“During my career I have been working in every possible circumstance. The most successful situations are not because of the structure but because of the empathy in the structure.

“People who work well together. People who share the same kind of ideas. This is the fundamental thing,” he revealed.

Mourinho also mentioned that, knowing himself, he would be itching to get back into football management by the end of March, hinting that he would prefer to take on a club at the turn of a new season instead of filling in in between.

(Quotes credit: Telegraph)